Basic unicode support.

Grapheme's are an alias for stringstd/core/string: V. Each grapheme is a self-contained symbol consisting of a unicode character followed by combining characters and/or combining marks.

Type of unicode normalization.

con NFC

Canonical composition (default). Use composed characters when possible.

con NFD

Canonical decomposition.

con NFKC

Compatibility composition.

con NFKD

Compatibility decomposition.

Is this a combining character?

Convert a string to a list of graphemes. Each grapheme will be in NFCstd/text/unicode/NFC: normalization normalized form.

Normalize a unicode string. If no normalization form is given, NFCstd/text/unicode/NFC: normalization is used.

Return the column-width of a unicode character. Equivalent to wcwidth.

Return the total column-width of a string.

private import std/corestd/core