Standard show functions.


fun char/show( c : charstd/core/types/char: V ) : stringstd/core/types/string: V

Show a charstd/core/types/char: V as a character literal.

fun sslice/show( s : sslicestd/core/sslice/sslice: V ) : stringstd/core/types/string: V

Show an sslicestd/core/sslice/sslice: V as a string literal.

fun string/show( s : stringstd/core/types/string: V ) : stringstd/core/types/string: V

Show a string as a string literal.

fun show-char( c : charstd/core/types/char: V ) : stringstd/core/types/string: V

Show a character as a string.

fun show-hex( i : intstd/core/types/int: V, width : ? intstd/core/types/int: V, use-capitals : ? boolstd/core/types/bool: V, pre : ? stringstd/core/types/string: V ) : stringstd/core/types/string: V

Show an intstd/core/types/int: V as a hexadecimal value.
The width parameter specifies how wide the hex value is where "0" is used to align.
The use-capitals parameter (= Truestd/core/types/True: bool) determines if captical letters should be used to display the hexadecimal digits.
The pre (="0x") is an optional prefix for the number (goes between the sign and the number).

private import std/core/typesstd/core/types, std/core/hndstd/core/hnd, std/core/intstd/core/int, std/core/charstd/core/char, std/core/stringstd/core/string, std/core/sslicestd/core/sslice, std/core/liststd/core/list